About the Company

«DLS GROUP» is the company providing legal services everywhere in Ukraine.


«DLS Group» was organized in 2010, and for this very short period of time, it has gained a lot of practice in various categories of law. Our efforts and efficient work allows us to achieve significant results in the defense of rights and legal interests of our Clients, find innovative legal solutions and win the landmark cases in the courts.

«DLS Group» is unique due to in its innovative approach to the Client. A responsible lawyer (attorney) is assigned to each client, which ensures efficiency and quality in solving the designated tasks.

Today, «DLS Group» provides a full package of services to solve the problematic issues of the companies and individuals, both in pre-trial order and in judicial and enforcement proceedings working with partners, contractors, government agencies and regulatory authorities.

The company has accumulated a vast experience in the field of defense of companies and individuals from wrongful actions of the creditors.


The client chooses himself a format of our cooperation:

  • • «DLS Group» offers subscription legal service (on a continuous basis).
  • • «DLS Group» offers express assistance (one-time services).


The quality of our services is guaranteed by the references of our Clients.


By the time being, our company provides its services to individuals and leading companies of Odessa and Kyiv region.